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Adventurous Tour to Royal Masia Resort

In a small group of six friends, I went to the Royal Masia Resort at the Upper Suriname River to do preliminary research among the (Biblical) Israelites of the interior of Suriname and to enjoy the peace and nature in the pristine tropical rainforest. Not much can be said about the preliminary investigation, but about the journey and Royal Masia there is a lot to say.

The journey went via Atjoni, a mooring place for boats from the Upper Suriname habitat of the Saramacca tribe of the African-Surinamese. From there we continue our journey by boat to reach the villages and tourist resorts at the river. The Amazon rainforest stood out on both banks of the river. It resembles the “wilderness where according to Revelation 12:14 the Almighty hides his people from the persecution of the serpent. In Suriname, they fled behind the rapids because of persecution by evil and cruel Dutch slave drivers. In the forest, the villages are along the river. During slave times, the villagers did not live so close to the river, because they had to hide. Now there are 65 villages along the river between the rapids, in which boatmen skillfully maneuver the boat.

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Isadou, the Perfect Holiday Destination

Last weekend was a long weekend. I went with my friend to the Upper Suriname river in the district of Sipaliwini. Her doctor advised her to take some rest, so I brought her to a perfect resting place: Isadou, an island surrounded by rapids. Isadou is three hours away from Paramaribo by car or bus and approximately one hour by boat. Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname. At the end of the road is a landing stage where boats from the 65 maroon village at the Upper Suriname river dock to load and unload goods and passengers. Here at Atjoni the administration center of the Upper Suriname river you catch the boat to visit the villages and resorts in the area. Click here to view video.


Isadou is a holiday resort on one of the islands in Upper Suriname river, the living area of maroons from the Saramaca tribe. Trees on and around the island provide large and cool shady places. Rooms with private bath and toilet for one, two or four persons are around a field where you can play football, volley ball or something else. You can also sleep on the field in a  sleeping bag or tent. On the island you are completely safe. There are kitchens where you can sit and eat or just talk with each other. If you don’t want to eat at a table you can bring your food and eat on the rocks in the rapids. The rooms are all around the shady field.  Lay down in a hammock to rest or to read a book is also possible.

The Isadou Tour is a perfect vacation destination and it is fascinating. The program includes fishing,  caiman spotting, swimming in rapids and  village and forest walks. Of course you may eat your own fish after fishing.  If you are interested the host may also provide a cultural show ranging from traditional song to fire dance.  During the cultural show you can learn about the maroon culture. For slide show click here. Now the tour costs only 150 Euro per person for three days.  For contact:

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