Technical Papers

  1. Case study on land rights, media performance and journalism practice in Suriname published in: “Global journalism practice and new media performance,” edited by Yusuf Kaliango and David H. Mould, 2014.
  2. Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices for Sustainable Land Management, 2012 (for inspections contact client at ministry Labor, Technological Development and Environment);
  3. Nulmeting ten aanzien van land degradatie, onderzoek naar bewustzijn en tevredenheid, 2012 (for inspection contact client at ministry of Labor, Technological Development and Environment);
  4. Standards Awareness Program for Suriname Bureau of Standards, 2009;
  5. Land Degradation Awareness Program for Suriname, 2008  (for inspection contact client at ministry of Labor Tachnological Development and Environment);
  6. Case study on Environmental Awareness project in Maroon Small Scale and Artisinal Gold Mining Communities facing Mercury Pollution in the Tapanahony River Area, published in: ‘The UNEP Chemicals Mercury Awareness raising toolkit 2007’
  7. Report on Media and Complaints, 2007
  8. Report on the media conflict in the district of Nickerie/Suriname, 2006
  9. Report on symposium “The Road to Higher Journalism Standards”, 2006
  10. Case study on Challenges to Sustainable Small Scale Mine Development in Suriname , published in: ‘The socio-economic impacts of artisinal and small-scale mining in developing countries’ by Gavin M Hilson, 2003;
  11. Report on the “pre-evaluation” of environmental awareness among school youth in Suriname between 16 and 30 year, 2005;
  12.  Environmental Legislation Awareness Plan for Suriname , 2005  (for inspection contact client at NIMOS);
  13. Thesis on reports and impact of reports on the negative impact of gold mining on the Surinamese society, 1997  (for inspection contact  Academy for Higher Arts and Cultural Education)

Please contact me for information on availability of papers.


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